Bakeland Book

By Marit Hovland

Birch Candleholders

Made in Sweden. These elegant, natural birch taper holders come in two sizes. Short 7.5" $9 Tall 9" . $21

Christmas Tree Rotary Candle Holder

Our collection of heavenly themed holders spin from the heat of a single tealight. 6.5"

Danish Iron

This item measures 14 inches with 4 cups. #1021

Dansko Sonja White


Ekelund Granfagel Linen

Our holiday towel comes from generations of skill from Ekelund. Granfagel Towel 15.5" x 23.5"

Felt Trivets

Our hand-felted trivets from Klippan of Sweden were designed by Bengt & Lotta. 8"

Felt-Costumed Tomtar Figurines

These are the elves of folklore that Scandinavians have loved for generations. Your elf will bring your family good fortune in the coming year if you remember him with a Christmas Eve treat.

Iron Viking Ship Candle Holder

Forged in the iron making traditions of Swedish Smide, this striking holder has spikes to firmly hold ball or pillar candles. Hand hammered.

Lagom Book

By Niki Brantmark For everyone who has gotten cozy with hygge, discover another way of Scandinavian living with this full color, definitive guide to lagom (pronounced lar-gom), a balanced lifestyle enjoyed by Swedes that embodies the ideal of "not too little-not too much--just right." Hardcover

Laser-Cut Bread Board & Spreader

Wonderful laser-cut detail of a Viking ship will add a Scandinavian accent to your table. Spreader 7" Bread Board 7.5"

Laser-cut Trees

Our toy motif decorations come flat and assemble quickly to decorate your mantle or table--then store flat until next holiday season. 5.8" $12 7.8" $14

Nøkkelost Cheese

Norwegian name for kuminost ("cumin cheese"), a cheese flavored with cumin and cloves. It is semi-hard, yellow, and made from cow's milk, in the shape of wheels or blocks, with a maturation period of three months. $17 per pound Please call for store amount you want to purchase and shipping costs.
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Norwegian Gift Boxes

These whimsical boxes are just the right size for some sweets, a gift card or cash. They come flat in sets of two assorted animals for easy assembly. A delight to receive by children of any age. 4.5"

Pine Cone Kitchen Towel

18" x 27" 100% cotton

Pluring Swedish Dishcloth Holders

Here is an elegant simple way for hanging towels and dishcloths in the kitchen or bathroom. Just poke fabric into the center of the Pluring, and it grips to hold. The peel-off adhesive tape back attaches to all smooth surfaces. Made in Sweden.

Swedish Dishcloth

If you are lookin for a natural kitchen, you'll love our Swedish Dishcloths. Made of 70% cellulose and 30 5 cotton, they are washing machine sturdy but also biodegradable. 6.7" x 8"

Swedish Glass Vikings

For your Viking’s desk or shelf, we have Viking themed figures from Lindshammar.

Swedish Windshield Scraper

Made of super tough birch laminate, this is a natural solution for dealing with wintery mornings. 6.5"

Swedish Wooden Candelabra

Natural 11" . $42 13.5" $50 13.5" Ball $52.50

Tomte Ribbon

Our cotton ribbon from Sweden will add a special accent to your wrapping. It comes in a two yard bundle. 1" wide

Tomte Shelf Sitters

Our shelf-sitting couple is guaranteed to make you smile. Standing Couple $45 for pair (12") Shelf Sitting Couple $45 (10.5" sitting w 11" legs)

Village Candelabra

The Stugas in our new lighting accent glow with battery operated LED lights. 17.1"

Waffle Coasters

Waffle sections form a cute heart shaped coasters. Made of silicone. 3.7" Set of 4.

Wooden Block Tomte

Made in Sweden. Red wood Small 5” 13.50 medium 7” 15.00 large 9” 16.00