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Authentic Norwegian Cooking

192 pages / 75 full­-color photographs and 100 black ­and ­white line drawings Paperback

$24.95 $19.95

Daim bag

Swedish crunchy caramel candy pieces


Bedtime Prayer Tile

By Suzanne Toftey


Dala Horse Fleece Blanket (Blue, 30"X36")

Blue Dala "recieving blanket".


Dala Horse Fleece Blanket (Pink, 30"X36")

Pink Dala "Receiving" blanket.


"D" is for Dala Horse Book

Beautiful book from Sleeping Bear Press!


Blue Dala Horse Baby Onesie

Embroidered Dala Onesie


Daim Chocolate Bar

Chocolate from Sweden. Milk chocolate coats buttery toffee. Two bars per package. 1.97 oz