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Mugs and Tiles

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Suzanne Toftey Tiles, Assorted 6" x 6".

Assorted Suzanne Toftey 6" square tiles, corked backs w/hanger.


Suzanne Toftey Tiles, Assorted 6" x 6"

Four Beautiful Tiles by Suzanne Toftey, 6" x 6"


Suzanne Toftey Assorted Tiles, 6" x 6"

Four beautiful Suzanne Tofftey Tiles with cork backing & hanger.


Suzanne Toftey Tile, Norwegian Bedtime Prayer

Young boy saying his nightly prayers in this Suzanne Toftey tile. The rosemalin gist beautiful. Corked back with hanger, 6" x 6".


Suzanne Toftey Tile, Lefse Girl

Young girl serving the tradional Norwegian treat in her tradional bunad. Corked back with hanger, 6" x 6".


Ceramic Uff Da Mug

14 oz. ceramic mug


Beste Mugs

No one is more special than our grandmas!!!




Ceramic Glogg Cups

We have a cheery cup just the right size to enjoy your Glogg. 3oz.


Rim Cookie Cutters

Make bite-size cookies to perch on the rim of your cup of coffee or cocoa. This is a set of 3 assorted shapes tied with a Swedish folk ribbon and a recipe card. 2"


Viking Plate and Mug

Mug 3"x3" $12.99 Microwave and dishwasher safe. Can be used with food etc...


Thorvald's 'Cream of Lutefisk' Mug

This mug measures 3"X4"


Ceramic Tiles

All ceramic tiles have triangle hanger on top. This item measures 6" X 6"


Eva Melhursh Ceramic Tiles

Each tile measures 6" X 6"


Kiss the Cook Danish Tile

Ceramic tile.