New products


straw Norwegian Goats come in 3 sizes. 11" $18.99 16" $27.99 21" $36.99

Ekelund Sankta Lucia Linen

Exclusively made for Bestemors!!! St Lucia 14' x 20"

Ekelund Britamed Julapplen Linen

Exclusive Bestemors Only Linen. We had Ekelund make them for our store... Apple Girl . 19" x 28"

The Brave Little Puppy Book

The 5th book in the Wish series, finds the curious puppy Birki lost and trying to find Anja. Board Book

The Puppy Wish

The Puppy Wish by Lori Evert is the 4th book in The Wish series. Follow the adventures of Anja and Birki. Board Book

Elsa Beskow 2019 Calendar

Beautiful pictures of This famous Swedish artist.

Carl Larsson 2019 Calendar

Framable photos of some of Larsson's paintings.

Carl Larsson Puzzle, 500 piece

Kresti's Birthday, 500 piece puzzle