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Icelandic Chocolate by Sirius

A gourmet chocolate double bar. 7.1 oz


Marabou Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Chocolate from Sweden. Our Fave Swedish Milk Chocolate bar. 3.5 oz.


Smil Candy

Chocolate from Norway. Milk chocolate filled w soft caramel in bite-sized sections. 2.7 oz



Individually-wrapped dark chocolates with a minty cream filling. Chocolate from Finland. 5.3 oz.


Nordic Sweets

These make great stocking stuffers


Nordic Sweets Salty Licorice Bags

Swedish Salty Licorice bags


Daim bag

Swedish crunchy caramel candy pieces


Dumle by Fazer

Finnish Chocolates. individually wrapped soft caramel chews in milk chocolate. 7.7 oz


Melkesjokolade (60g) Candy

Chocolate from Norway. 2.12 oz


Firklover (60g/2.12 oz.) Candy bar

Chocolate from Norway. Creamy Milk chocolate& bits of hazelnuts.


Daim Chocolate Bar

Chocolate from Sweden. Milk chocolate coats buttery toffee. Two bars per package. 1.97 oz


Gullbrod (50g) Candy