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Löfbergs Swedish Coffee

Swedes love their coffee and Löfbergs has been producing their distinctive roasts for more than a century. We offer medium roast and dark roast for your Fika pleasure. 500g Brick


Assorted Karl Fazer Chocolate Bars

Made in Finland. 7.5 ounce per bar.


Dan Sukker Baking Syrups

26.2 ounces


Troll Sauce's, 8 oz.

Troll hot Sauce Troll BBQ Sauce


Viking Sauce's 8 oz.

Viking Hot Sauce, 8 oz. Viking BBQ Sauce, 8 oz.


Dumle by Fazer

Finnish Chocolates. individually wrapped soft caramel chews in milk chocolate. 7.7 oz


Melkesjokolade (60g) Candy

Chocolate from Norway. 2.12 oz


Firklover (60g/2.12 oz.) Candy bar

Chocolate from Norway. Creamy Milk chocolate& bits of hazelnuts.


Daim Chocolate Bar

Chocolate from Sweden. Milk chocolate coats buttery toffee. Two bars per package. 1.97 oz


Gullbrod (50g) Candy



Vort Limpa / Cardamom (Bread)

Any orders shipped outside New England MAY be charged an additional fee for shipping. Please call store to order, 860-536-7669. New baker Limited supply!!

From $8.00

Siljans Crisp Bread, 14 oz.

Knackebrod Traditional Whole Rye, 14 oz.


Swedish Jam Preserves

Delicious as a condiment with many meat dishes or as a dessert with whipped cream or milkshake. An exclusive product from the land of the midnight sun

From $7.99