Angel Chimes/Rotary Candle Holders

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Swedish Heart Candle Holder

Beautiful Swedish Red Candle Holder, four Hearts, 2.5" x 13"' made in Sweden!


Pluto Dala Horse Rotary Candle Holder

Dala hores Rotory Candle Holders, watch them spin from the heat of a t-light! 7" tall


Pluto Cat Rotary Candle Holder

Cat Rotary Candle Holder, little cats spin from the heat of a t-light 7" tall


Pluto Flower Rotary Candle Holder

Flower Rotary Candle Holder spins with the heat of a t-light, 7" tall.


Swedish Chime Candles

These are 100% stearin from Sweden. Pkg of 15 .5" x 4"


Pluto Dala Horse Rotary Candleholder, Gold

The heat from a single tealight gently spins this Dala horse candleholder, Gold color. 7" tall 6.5"


Pluto Music Note Rotary Candle Holder

Our heavenly themed holders spin from the heat of a single tealight, 6.5".


Pluto Christmas Tree Rotary Candle Holder

Our collection of heavenly themed holders spin from the heat of a single tealight. 6.5"


Pluto "Sweden" Rotary Candle

The heat from a tea light candle gently spins the viking ships and Dala horses on this "Sweden" candle holder.


Pluto Nisse Rotary Candle Holder

The nisse figures will gently spin from the heat of a tealight, 6.5".


Pluto God Jul Rotary Candle Holder

The heat from a tealight candle gently spins this holiday greeting on our Swedish candle holder, 7".


Angel Chimes

This angel chimes is a beautiful desinger piece