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Wooden Flag Ornaments

Assorted Wooden Flag Ornaments, 1.5" x 2". Norway, Sweden, Finland & Denmark


Metal Ornament, Finland

This Beautiful Ornament is 2.5" x 3.5".


Flag Key Rings

Celebrate your heritage with these flag key rings made of super strong birch laminated in Sweden.


Stainless Heart Jewelry

Striking contemporary design from Finland. Necklace on Leather cord. Earrings Sold separately.


Otto and the Secret Light of Christmas

By Nora & Pirkko-Lissa Surojegin A mother and daughter team have painted a captivating picture of the landscape, wildlife and folklore of Finland. Each chapter features a short new episode, making this book perfect for bedtime reading. Hardcover


White Finnish Tonttu

Our handmade figures crafted from felt and real fleece with a bell at the top of their felt cap. Made in a small workshop outside Helsinki, they are small treasures for the holiday home. Available in 3 sizes 6.6" $28.50 12.6" $ 38.50 17" $77.00


Lil' Finnish Chef Child Apron Set

Lil' Finnish Chef apron and Hat Set, measures 15" at bottom and 20" long, hat has velcro adjustment.


Assorted Karl Fazer Chocolate Bars

Made in Finland. 7.5 ounce per bar.


Wooden Tomtes

Made in Finland.


Juniper Box

Made in Finland. 5"x4"x4".


Ceramic Finnish Bottle Opener

Made in the U.S.A.


Finnish Long Sleeve Denim Shirt

Long Sleeve Denim Shirt with embroidered crest, Finnish, denim color varies.


Oval Finnish American sticker

Oval Finnish American waterproof sticker


Oval Finnish sticker

Oval Finnish waterproof sticker


Finnish garden flag,SISU

Finnish garden flag with Finnish word "GOT SISU"