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Norwegian Pewter Jewelry

This lovely set with authentic acanthus details was created from Norwegian Buttons. Sold Seperately


Viking Runic Jewelry

The Vikings believed that ruins had great power. From a collection that combines runic characters to create symbols to inspire, this necklace is made of sterling silver in Iceland.


Thors Hammer Necklace

Our brass finish iron necklace from Sweden comes on a leather cord.


Urnes Bracelet

Our pewter bracelet from Norway is inspired by the 11th century Viking style of decoration.


Stainless Heart Jewelry

Striking contemporary design from Finland. Necklace on Leather cord. Earrings Sold separately.


Illi Necklace

Natural birch beads from Sweden are strung on a sterling chain to create a simply stylish necklace.


Dansk Smykkekunst Jewelry

This popular line of jewelry from Denmark is prized for it's fashion flair. Our necklace and matching bracelet are made of pearl like metallic beads.


Enamel Heart Jewelry

Made in Norway.


Tonttu Brooch

Made in Finland


Baltic Amber Jewelry

It took millions of years for tree resin to petrify into these natural gems. These leaf motif sterling settings showcase these precious pieces of nature.


Norwegian Sterling Jewelry

This necklace is from Hillestad of Norway, named Midnight Sun, but it also reminds us of the Northern Lights.


Sterling Crosses Necklace

Norwegian sterling is always a treasured gift, and this necklace is one of our favorites.


Finnish Stainless Jewelry

This collection includes a polished-finish heart and a brushed-finish contemporary necklace and matching earrings.