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Ekelund Linens, Osterled, Red

Tradional Viking Pattern, by Ekelund of Sweden


Ekelund Linen, Osterled

Classic Viking Patteren!!!


Ekelund Linen, Domherre

Beautiful New Pattern for the Holidays


Ekelund Linen, Karve

Classic Pattern for the Holidays, 16" x 24"


Ekelun Linen, Ravrike

Fun Pattern for the whole year!!


Ekelund Linen, Hostkrans

Beautiful Fall Runner, 14" x 47"


Ekelund Linen, Ljuvlig

Beautiful Holiday Towel, 14" x 20"


Ekelund Linen, Farjback

Beautiful Ekelund Linens for Fall and anytime!!


Ekelund Linen, Viking Ship

Very Popular Viking Print, 14"x 20"


Ekelund Linen Faglabo

Vintage look to this beautiful Towel & Runner!!


Ekelund Linen, Vintermat

Beautiful and fun Winter Towel, 16" x 24"


Ekelund Linens, Tomtemote

Beautiful Christmas Tomtes to make your Hoiday table special!!


Ekelund Linens, Julis

Beautiful Christmas pattern Coming in a medium Toewl & runner!


Ekelund Bolltistel, RETIRED

Medium Towel, 16" x 24" (1) Runner, 14" x 32" (1)

$27.99 $19.99

Ekelund, Primula

Medium size Towel, 16" x 24"


Kitchen Dish Towel, Reindeer & Church

Lovely Dish Towel with Reindeer and Church, made in Sweden.(it looks like a Stave Church to me, maybe a bit of Norwegian in this!!).55% linen and 45% cotton, will shrink 7% after first wash, starts out at 27" x 18".